Welcome to pylazaro’s documentation!

What is pylazaro

pylazaro is a Python library that automatically detects lexical borrowings (or loanwords) in Spanish text, particularly borrowings that come from English (a.k.a. anglicisms), such as app, lawfare, fake news or machine learning.

Learn more about the motivation and the backstage of the project at About pylazaro.


Here is a minimal example of how to install and use pylazaro:

$ pip install pylazaro
>>> from pylazaro import Lazaro
>>> tagger = Lazaro()
>>> text = "Inteligencia artificial aplicada al sector del blockchain, la e-mobility y las smarts grids entre otros; favoreciendo las interacciones colaborativas."
>>> result = tagger.analyze(text)
>>> result.borrowings_to_tuple()
[('blockchain', 'en'), ('e-mobility', 'en'), ('smarts grids', 'en')]
>>> output.borrowings_to_dict()
[{'borrowing': 'blockchain', 'language': 'en', 'start_pos': 6, 'end_pos': 7}, {'borrowing': 'e-mobility', 'language': 'en', 'start_pos': 9, 'end_pos': 10}, {'borrowing': 'smarts grids', 'language': 'en', 'start_pos': 12, 'end_pos': 14}]
>>> result.tag_per_token()
[('Inteligencia', 'O'), ('artificial', 'O'), ('aplicada', 'O'), ('al', 'O'), ('sector', 'O'), ('del', 'O'), ('blockchain', 'B-ENG'), (',', 'O'), ('la', 'O'), ('e-mobility', 'B-ENG'), ('y', 'O'), ('las', 'O'), ('smarts', 'B-ENG'), ('grids', 'I-ENG'), ('entre', 'O'), ('otros', 'O'), (';', 'O'), ('favoreciendo', 'O'), ('las', 'O'), ('interacciones', 'O'), ('colaborativas', 'O'), ('.', 'O')]

Check out the Installation guide for further information on how to install pylazaro.

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